( fdp ) – TV Series Promo

An original comic-drama fiction series that portrays the routine of a Brazilian soccer referee in the pursuit of his biggest dream: to blow the whistle at a World Cup final. In the beginning of the season, Juarez Gomes da Silva, our main character, is summoned to referee the Libertadores da America Cup, an important step towards achieving his goal. But this happens at the same time that his life starts going downhill... After betraying his wife and giving her an STD, Juarez is kicked out of his house, driving him one step further away from his son, Vini. Between games, in Brazil or in Latin America, the judge will try to win back his family while succeeding in his career, without compromising his ethics and trying to keep his balance on the tortuous arena of professional soccer. At the end of every episode, someone will call him a SOB, the abbreviation that gave rise and meaning to this series' name. This production features several special appearances of soccer players and experts, such as: Neymar, Rivelino, Rincón.

year 2012

director Adriano Civita

Caito Ortiz

Katia Lund

Johnny Araújo

stars Eucir de Souza

Paulo Tiefenthaler

Vitor Moretti

Won The APCA Trophy for Television: Best Series at São Paulo Association of Art Critics Awards (2013)